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Gospodarstwo Usługowo-Produkcyjne Maciej Rudziński Blinds installation

Gospodarstwo Usługowo-Produkcyjne Maciej Rudziński: Reviews/opinions, references, activity description

Basic information
Name Maciej
Surname Rudziński
VAT Identification Number/ VAT id 7481302668
REGON statistical number 530589092
Entrepreneurs company

Gospodarstwo Usługowo-Produkcyjne Maciej Rudziński

Contact details
Address of the principal place of business Kolejowa 15, 48-120 Baborów, powiat głubczycki, woj. OPOLSKIE
e-mail address
website address
Additional data
Major economic activities: 
0161Z – support activities for crop production
Performed economic activity/performed business:  01.61.Z, 02.40.Z, 16.29.Z, 43.12.Z, 49.41.Z
Starting date of own business 2009-04-01
Suspension date of own business
The expected period of suspension by day
Date of resumption of own business
Cessation day of own business
Date of removal from National Official Register of National Economy Units
Status of individual business active
The entrepreneur has the nationality of the Member Poland